The Sergeants at Arms

The Sergeants at Arms, aka the SAA, are charged with enforcing the MML rules. Their activities include reminding folks to trim .sigs and quotes, tracking and reporting spammers, and giving the boot to egregious violators.


Sometimes known as the Brute Squad, the Sergeants at Arms are three Admin list members, drawn from a rotating pool of volunteers. An SAA member serves for three months at a time. These terms of service are staggered, so that each month there is one new SAA. The SAA do not make up the list rules. The rules are determined by the list membership at large, as represented in the Admin list. The SAA simply enforces the rules, in accordance with the policies determined by the Admin list.


If for some reason you feel you’ve been unfairly treated by the SAA, you should contact the Admin list to discuss the matter.


Fair warning: the SAA doesn’t have to put up with any abuse. He or she is a volunteer, and is doing a necessary, and highly respected job on the MML. He or she also has the ultimate power of having members removed, and usually such decisions are backed by the MML-Admin list. You are well-advised to treat any contact you have with the SAA with all due respect.


The SAA rotation is managed by Tom Hunsaker.  Contact him to volunteer for the SAA or to make changes to the schedule.