Posting to the MML

Once you’re a member, send out a note of introduction about yourself to the list, and tell us who you are, and anything else you would like us to know about you. Many people tell us what kind of Mopars they have, where they are located, and the length of time they’ve been in the hobby.


In order to post to the MML, send email to this address:


How many emails will I receive?

For the period June, 2004 through August, 2005, mail traffic averaged 38 individual messages per day. It seems to pick up during the late winter/spring months as people start looking towards getting their cars ready for the summertime cruising season.


If that volume of email seems like a lot, use ‘digest mode’ to receive an entire day’s worth of posts in a single email!


Also be aware there is a ‘vacation mode’ which you can use to temporarily disable mail delivery if you are planning to be away from your computer for awhile.