The MML is operated by volunteers. This is a list of those that have volunteered their time and other resources handle some of the most important aspects of the MML’s operation. This page also serves as a big “Thank You” to everyone listed here for everything they do to keep the MML the great resource that it is.
Hardware and Network Resources

  • The systems that host the actual MML mailing list processes are maintained by R/T Jeff Polasek and Geoff Gariepy.
  • The official MML Webring is administered by Gary Ripper.
  • This website is taken care of by Margaret Hudacko and Geoff Gariepy.

General Club Stuff

  • Our treasurer is “His Excellency” Raymond Funke.
  • The current keeper of the official SAA rotation list is Tom Hunsaker.
  • The person who handles our contact with vendors for our club discounts is Charles Hudacko.
  • The person who maintains the club roster for the discounts is Charles Hudacko.
  • The person who maintains the chamber of commerce is Charles Hudacko.

All Chrysler Nationals Crew

  • Our club registration for ACN is taken care of by Ray Kuter.
  • Booking our block of rooms for ACN is handled by Ray Kuter.
  • The details of the MML BBQ @ ACN are handled by Ray Kuter, Charles Hudacko and Akron Don Gallimore