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Mopar Mailing List

Vendor Discounts

MML Vendor Discounts

MML Members are entitled to discounts at certain well-known, reputable vendors.

In order to qualify for the discounts, you must first be added to a roster which is maintained separately from the listserv itself.

How Do I Get Added To The Roster?

Charles Hudacko is the keeper of the discount roster. Send an email to him including your Name, Address, City, State, Zip, as well as the Year, Make and Model of one or more of your vehicles.

Current List of Discounts

Vendor Name Discount Percentage Notes
Paddock 10%  
Year One 10%  
Eastside Chrysler 13%-30%  
ESPO Springs n Things 5%>$100 10%>$200  
Mancini Racing 10% Selected Merchandise
R/T Specialties 10%  

More vendors coming soon!

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