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Mopar Mailing List

The MML-Admin List

The MML-Admin list is a separate mailing list for discussion of MML-related administrative issues. These issues include topics such as list abuse, anti-spam measures, list rules, and more. It acts as the volunteer organizing body for the MML. Decisions pertaining to the list are reached by discussion and consensus among those participating. Any member of the MML is eligible to participate in the MML-Admin list, and is encouraged to do so.

One important aspect of the MML-Admin list is that certain rules of MML decorum are suspended on that list. Have a good joke, or a non-Mopar related post you feel the group might be interested in? The MML-Admin list is the place to post it.

If you feel the need to sound off, you are allowed to do so on the MML-Admin list. If you disagree with the penalty the SAA just bestowed upon you, this is the only place it can be discussed, and potentially reversed. Remember, you are pleading your case in front of an appeals board whose decisions are absolutely final. Feel free to use any language you like, but at the same time, let your conscience be your guide.

To subscribe to the Admin list, visit the following web page:

Enter your email address and  choose a password on the form that is provided there, then click Subscribe

If you should have any problems with this procedure, email Marty Milligan at
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