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Mopar Mailing List

Basic MML Etiquette

(or "I'm not Emily Post")


OK, hopefully you've come to this page because you want to know the basic "road courtesy" on the MML. For the most part, the majority of people on the MML have been really great about behaving themselves. Everyone who benefits from this club genuinely appreciates it. Knowing these basics of etiquette will help you interact better with other MML members and keep things running smoothly in general. On the other hand, There are some folk out there in MML-land who haven't understood some underlying principles about how a mailing list works. Maybe you're here because someone suggested you check out the page, possibly because they thought you might need a refresher. Naaaaw, not you.... well, in that case, you'll want to read the whole page very carefully, so that you can tell that guy exactly where you're right and he's wrong. This FAQ is not structured as a traditional question & answer, but rather as series of points about ettiquette and politeness.

Many of the guidelines listed here are applicable not just to the MML, but to mailing lists in general.

Non-Mopar Topics

Please keep your postings to the MML Mopar related. Off-topic posts are likely to draw the attention of one of the Sergeants-at-Arms - at the very least you'll get a stern talking to, but sometimes you'll get booted from the list.The following items are not acceptable:

This is not a complete list. If you have any doubt about something you wish to post to the MML, please check with the Admin list first. A good rule of thumb is if you feel you need to start a message with "This is non-Mopar, but..," then it doesn't belong.

Virus Warnings

Virus warnings are not acceptable, unless it's a virus that can affect your Chrysler Corporation engine control computer (none have been found yet, by the way). Besides, most virus warnings are fake! You may wish to check any virus warnings you receive against the Symantec Antivirus Research Center.


The MML has a zero-tolerance spam policy.

Commercial postings of any sort are unwelcome, even if they're Mopar related. You will lose your MML membership, and your spamming will be reported to your ISP. The occasional want-ad is OK. Persistant want-ad posters, though, will be removed from the list.

The Mopar Parts Fairy

There exists no "Mopar Parts Fairy" aka the "MML Fairy". If you post a request asking for parts, books, services, information, ID, or anything else and no one responds, 99 times out of 100 that means no one on here has it. If someone did, they would contact you, or tell you who might have it. Just because you need it does not mean someone here has to give it to you, or it will materialize out of thin air, so please don't post requests for the part you need every day.There is also no "Mopar Car Fairy", "Mopar Hemi Fairy", "Mopar Info Fairy", "Mopar Picture Fairy", or just about any other sort of "Mopar Fairy". Except maybe that delicate guy with the lace shirt and a '58 DeSoto La Femme you met at Nationals last summer. And what you want with him is between you two as consenting adults, and should be kept off the list as well.

I Missed Today's "Miss Manners" Column

If someone on here politely suggests you do something, it just might be in your best interests to do it. Telling them to get a life or go to hell is not nice nor will it be tolerated on here.We have people who voluntarily police our actions so that things might progress smoothly and some order can be maintained. Look at it this way, would you rather be told your fly is open before meeting your dream mate, or after your dream mate laughs their butt off at your oversight?

"Lewk Elmer, Bubba's on COPS agin!"

We have people who voluntarily police our actions so that things might progress smoothly and some order can be maintained. These Sergeant-at-Arms or SAA as they are collectively known, care enough about what is going on here to give of their own valuable time so that things may progress smoothly here. They are human beings, some with wives, families, and jobs, and of course their own problems. They do not need any additional crap in their lives. Or look at it this way... suppose a cop pulled you over and said, "I just wanted to let you know that you forgot to use your turn signal on that last lane change. I'm not writing you a ticket or anything, but you really ought to start using your turn signals more." Would your response be, "F*** you, you donut munching pig. Why don't you get a life?" If someone being nice and informing you of this still isn't a deterrent, there are a number of people on here that do enjoy cracking skulls and rattling cages who would be more than happy to solve your problems with the MML permanently.

The Ugly MML'er

We all have heard about the ugly American, basically and American citizen that goes over to another country and makes an ass out of themselves. No one likes an Ugly MML'er. There are people who have been on here quite a long time, and are tired of being bugged by boors who demand answers, who insult them for giving out information, and who treat them with disrespect. These people could very well up and leave our ranks forever, a sad fact that has happened far too many times before. Whenever someone leaves we all lose. Keep an open mind and be respectful of one another.If you do disagree with someone, try to do so without pointing out to them exactly what a total boneheaded idiot they are. It has sometimes happened that you have been in error yourself, and even though you are 1000% correct on this occasion, there is a chance you will make an error in the future.

The Sacred Scrolls of the MML

I'm assuming everyone here is literate. We have a brief list of MML Rules. There is no excuse not to read this. If you're a fast reader, you could probably finish it during halftime of a basketball or intermission of a hockey game. You could read it during the next caution for debris on the back stretch. You could read it to your kids at bedtime. You could read it during the next budget meeting. You could read it during "Eight is Enough". You can cut and paste it and have it translated into swahili on a couple of websites. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. "Aha", you say, "I don't have a copy of these rules. I never saw these rules. I didn't even know there were any rules. How am I supposed to adhere to them?" Well, leaving aside that the rules were sent to you when you first subscribed to the list and the fact that they're posted to the list on a monthly basis, you might want to visit the online version here: MML Rules

Rules Suck, or This Guy Bugs Me, Where Do I Complain?

We have a forum just for this purpose. If you...

  • if you do not like someone
  • if you think something needs to be done different,
  • if you need to vent,
  • if you feel lost and without direction ever since the guy who played "Super Soul" in Vanishing Point died,
the MML-Admin list is the place for you. Read about it here: About Us
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